Investigators codecov 29k aprilsatterreuters

Investigators codecov

Investigators codecov 29k aprilsatterreuters

5.1 million records were taken from the investigators’ database, according to the inquiry into the data breach.

As a result of the breach

29k the security team of the Hacking Team has identified April as a member who was entrusted with looking into claims that an internal system had been infiltrated.

The investigation has shown that on April 29, an unidentified hacker informed Hacking Team’s system administrators through email of the data breach and demanded a payment. The email had a link to a Dropbox account where the stolen files were located. The security team at Hacking Team received this email and immediately started looking for indicators of penetration in their systems. They also made fruitless attempts to contact April, who was away from the area at the time.

Our security experts examined the stolen material and found no indication that the Hacking Team’s networks had been compromised. However, it seemed as though April had been duped into disclosing her passwords and had then accessed her own email account using them. We think the hacker infiltrated April’s network by fooling her into clicking on a false website URL or sending her an email with a malicious link or file, which damaged her laptop and gave him access to the network.


April 29, 2019

We’re still looking into the March 2019 incident. While we suspect there was a deliberate modification made to one or more files relevant to our test suite that would have an impact on performance, we found that there were over 5.1k lines of code in the April 29th release but only 1.4K lines of code in the April 4th release.

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