Why Justin Roiland Will No Longer Be a Part of Rick and Morty, Everything You Need to Know

The professional partnership between “Rick and Morty” co-creator Justin Roiland and Adult Swim has ended after Warner Bros. Discovery terminated connections with Roiland in the wake of allegations of domestic violence coming to light earlier this month. The animated sitcom “Rick and Morty” is anticipated to continue, even though Justin Roiland’s voice roles will be performed by others, according to the official statement Adult Swim has severed its relationship with Justin Roiland and he will no longer be connected with it.

Adult Swim, which ordered 70 episodes of the show in 2018, has aired less than half that number. Justin Roiland was accused of domestic abuse, and according to the complaint, the Orange County District Attorney’s office has charged him with false imprisonment by threat, assault, fraud, and/or dishonesty. This case does not yet have a trial date, but a new pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for April 27, 2023.

Justin Roiland: Who is he?

Mark Justin Roiland, an American animator, voice actor, writer, producer, and director, was born on February 21, 1980. He co-created the animated comedy Rick and Morty for Adult Swim, for which he provided the voices of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith until the network severed its relationship with him.

The primary character, Korvo, in Hulu’s Solar Opposites is voiced by Justin Roiland, who also co-created the series. In addition, Roiland has appeared as Blendin Blandin in Gravity Falls, Earl of Lemongrab in Adventure Time, and Oscar in Fish Hooks. Moreover, Justin Roland established the video game development business Squanch Games and the animation studio Justin Roland’s Solo Vanity Card Productions.

All You Need to Know About Justin Roiland’s Departure from Rick and Morty

Morty and Rick’s Once it was revealed that Justin Roiland had been accused of domestic violence in Orange County, he was fired from his role as the voice of the show’s well-known characters and would no longer work on the project. The accusations stem from a 202-incident involving a lady Roiland was dating and lived with at the time. The animated science fiction sitcom starring him as both the grandfather and the mad scientist was produced by him and Dan Harmon. Adult Swim’s senior VP of communications, Marie Moore, issued a statement on January 24, 2023, stating: “Adult Swim has terminated its relationship with Justin Roiland.

Both Rick and Morty and Justin Roiland

The voices of Rick and Morty as well as a number of other minor characters are provided by Justin Roiland. According to some reports, Justin Roiland will still be listed as a co-creator of Rick and Morty, but Harmon will now be the only showrunner. His voice performances have also been recast.

Moreover, Justin Roiland co-created, voices, and executive produces the animated comedies Solar Opposites and Koala Man, both of which are available on Hulu in the US and Disney+ internationally. Regarding an alleged incident from January 2020, Justin Roiland was charged with domestic violence in January 2023. Also, he is currently being accused of wrongful detention and domestic assault.

About Justin Roiland’s allegations

On January 12, 2023, NBC News broke the news that Justin Roiland had been charged in Orange County with one crime of false imprisonment by threat, assault, fraud, or deceit and one count of domestic abuse with corporal harm.

Justin Roiland was freed on a $50,000 bail at the time he entered a not guilty plea to the allegations, which are based on an alleged occurrence in the year 2020 involving an unidentified Jane Doe with whom he was at the time in a relationship. There have been several pre-trial hearings, and the next one is scheduled for April 27, 2023.

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