What song does this lyric belong to? Search and recognize songs!

Thanks to modern technology, you may quickly find the song that has been playing in your brain for days by searching for it by its lyrics. Also, you can quickly ascertain the title as well as the singer’s name and the album to which it belongs. And all of this is made possible by the programs that enable this function.

Internet search tools

Let’s start with the most popular, which are online song lyrics search engines, before offering the simplest solutions. Although it is true that there are many websites and services that provide access to a comprehensive library of song lyrics. These websites each include a search engine that allows you to type in a phrase or a portion of a song’s lyrics and have the matching songs returned. The music is then available for free download in MP3 so that you may listen to the lyrics on your preferred device.

You may locate songs using the lyrics or a phrase from the lyrics by using the services listed below:

  • FindMusicByLyrics.com
  • Lyrics.com
  • SongWordSearch.com
  • songlyrics.com
  • quedeletras.com
  • LetsSingIt.com
  • Letras.com
  • buscaletras.com
  • lacuerda.com

These websites function pretty similarly. To get the search results, all you have to do is type the phrase or the song’s lyrics into the search box and select the relevant button.

How to use a song’s lyrics to find it

Apps make many everyday tasks easier, and something that was unimaginable only a few years ago, like quickly finding out a song’s title by pushing a button, is now a reality that we can enjoy from any device. You can even download your favorite songs with their lyrics from YouTube. Do you know how to recognize a music in these ways? Hence, avoid missing one of the simplest methods to locate a song by some of its words.


Placing the lyrics in the Google search engine, followed by the phrase “words” or “lyrics,” is another approach to look for the name of a song you already know the lyrics to.

You may obtain the lyrics to Juanes’ song “La camisa negra” by searching for “And because I lost my cool I nearly lost my bed lyrics,” without using quotation marks.

You’ll see that Google will provide you with results based on the song’s name. This approach is often used and produces the greatest results because of Google’s robust algorithm, which can match song titles despite inaccuracies or discrepancies with the original lyrics.



Shazam is a free software that can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone, and using it is as simple as clicking the symbol that appears in the middle of the screen while the music you wish to identify is playing. The title of the song, the artist who performs it, the lyrics, and even an option to buy it online will all be shown as soon as the program recognizes it.

Shazam has been expanding the range of features it provides, now including QR code reading. This makes it possible to see a movie trailer or obtain a soundtrack.

You may access the list of songs that you have previously recognized and played from the My Shazam personal menu. Also, it will provide you with a list of tailored song recommendations based on your preferred musical genres and aesthetics.

The app is among users’ undisputed favorites and is accessible in no more than 190 countries.



SoundHound is designed for those who like remembering songs and their melodies but forget the words or the artist’s name. You may view it all right now with this app:

One difference between SoundHound and Shazam is that in addition to identifying songs based just on sound, it can also identify songs if we hum them.

When the program finds and recognizes a song, it displays the album to which it belongs and provides a brief biography of the singer or information about forthcoming performances.

One further oddity of SoundHound is that it will display the several renditions of the same song so that we may choose the one we like.

This tool is really helpful for quickly and easily discovering old tunes.

In conclusion, you should download it if you’re seeking for a nice, user-friendly, and above all, very effective program.


The Soundhound developers’ Midomi is the most effective online application for identifying songs from a brief segment.

To find the music we’re seeking for, either by tuning it or simply singing it, we merely need to attach a microphone.

You just need to visit the website and choose the Click and sing or Hum option in order to enjoy the service. The website is in charge of identifying the music with a high effectiveness index.

After you’ve located the results, click on them to see the song’s video on YouTube.

Why not give it a try and see if you can locate the tune you’re searching for?


Another essential software that you should have on your smartphone is Musixmatch, which will enable you to quickly find any music.

Its functioning is so simple that just putting the widget on your mobile device, you may see the lyrics of the music you are now listening to without having to remember its song ID.

Musixmatch goes above and beyond other programs because, although concentrating its functionality on the identification of song lyrics, it enables, for instance, to generate graphics using our favorite song’s phrase, opening up a variety of designs.

Musixmatch is enjoyable, fun, and offers a variety of ways for you to listen to your favorite music.

Assistant from Google

Nothing beats utilizing the Google assistant if, on the other hand, you want a quicker way that does not need the use of other programs. This service is incredibly simple to use since all you have to do to search based on the music that is presently playing is ask the assistant directly, “What song is this?” The effectiveness of this method relies on how well you can understand the music. It may also be used to locate tunes simply humming the melody.

When the Google Assistant finds a song, it will tell us who is singing it, what song it is called, and even provide links to YouTube and Google Play where we can listen to it.


Everyone is familiar with the well-known YouTube site, where we can stream music, radio, view videos of all types, and access the widest range of material imaginable. Did you realize, however, that you can also recognize music on YouTube?

Here is another site where you can quickly find a song by only using a few words from the lyrics in the search bar. You may also use this search engine to obtain free music from YouTube for your projects since it uses an innovative algorithm to filter and focus the results, increasing the likelihood of success.

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