Located in New York, Wallaroo Nybased 25m series Microsoft M12 Wiggers VentureBeat, a tech company based in New York City, has just announced that it has closed a $25 million Series B investment round. M12, Microsoft’s VC arm, led the investment, with participation from Wiggers Ventures and Venturebeat. The business’s meteoric rise since its 2016 launch is reflected in this massive funding round. Wallaroo plans to expand in areas such as product creation, staffing levels, and market penetration with the funds obtained from this round of financing.

Wallaroo Media:

Wallaroo Media

Wallaroo Media was a company that was established in New York City in 2018, and it was co-founded by Justin Wiggers and Ryan Stoner. The primary objective of the company is to simplify the implementation of machine learning and data science solutions for enterprises of different sizes and scopes. They developed a powerful data platform that they call Wallaroo, and it assists businesses in efficiently analysing massive amounts of data and gaining real-time insights.

Wallaroo recently announced that it has successfully completed the Series A round of funding, which totaled $25 million and was led by M12, Microsoft’s venture capital fund. This is the largest Series A investment that a firm with its headquarters in New York City has ever made. Wallaroo will be able to increase the number of engineers and data scientists on their team as well as the number of customers they can serve with their 25m series Microsoft m12wiggersventurebeat platform thanks to the investment money.

According to a recent story published by VentureBeat, the purchase of Wallaroo is part of a bigger trend of major corporations investing in smaller firms operating in the field of data science. When you look at the top of the industry and see titans like Google, IBM, and Microsoft, it is obvious that there is a massive market for new businesses like Wallaroo.

In the future, wallaroo nybased 25m series Microsoft m12wiggersventurebeat will be able to continue developing innovative concepts and providing clients with even superior goods and services thanks to the newly acquired funding. This is a very exciting time for this company, and we can’t wait to find out what they will be able to accomplish with the additional funding they have received.

25M Series:

Wallaroo Media, a New York-based media startup, has today announced additional financing totaling $25 million. M12, Microsoft’s venture arm, led the Series A investment, in which Wiggers Ventures also participated. The firm has now introduced the Wallaroo platform, which allows users to create and share movies of their experiences.

Wallaroo Media intends to expand its product and technical teams using the proceeds from this latest fundraising round in order to expand the platform’s audience. Wallaroo’s CEO, David Tepper, was enthusiastic about the fresh fundraising round. “This is an exciting moment to be a company in the coming years, as we design and build things that alter the way people tell stories,” he added. We are thrilled to have the venture arm of Microsoft, M12, and Wallaroo, a New York-based business with $25 million in venture financing, join us on this adventure.

Investors and industry experts were delighted by the news. In an article, VentureBeat applauded Wallaroo’s goal to create a simple platform that enables video communication between users. It seems like they will be able to accomplish so thanks to their most recent investment.

Wallaroo Media’s ambitious intentions to revolutionise the way we communicate stories via video begin with a $25 million funding round. Wallaroo Media will undoubtedly accomplish incredible feats in the coming future thanks to this enormous influx of funding.



Wiggers is a venture capital firm that mostly finances businesses in developing economies. Jeffrey Wiggers established this company, which has invested in over fifty businesses throughout the globe, including Wallaroo Media. Microsoft’s M12 venture arm was instrumental in closing a $25 million fundraising round for Wallaroo Media. Indicative of the success of wallaroo ny-based 25m series Microsoft m12wiggersventurebeat goods and services, this investment was made. With the additional funding, Wallaroo, a New York-based 25m series Microsoft m12wiggersventurebeat, may continue to innovate and grow in the digital media arena. Money from Wiggers was mentioned in a VentureBeat piece regarding Wallaroo’s prospects for expansion. Wallaroo believes that the 25M series will propel it to the forefront of the digital media industry.



Wallaroo Media is a New York-based advertising and media platform, and its most recent fundraising round reportedly brought in $25 million, as reported by VentureBeat. This financing effort was spearheaded by Microsoft’s M12 division.

Wallaroo’s mission is to improve the advertising experience for publishers and thereby increase their digital media revenue. They also provide companies with a large database of films from which to assess the success of their advertising initiatives.

The last round of fundraising, which was disclosed in October and included investments from David Wiggers’s venture capital business, Wiggers Ventures, will be dwarfed by this current one.

To keep up with consumer demand, Wallaroo may utilise the funds to expand its team of engineers and product specialists. Wallaroo plans to provide new tools and products to enhance the effectiveness of its video advertising solutions.

This fresh round of investment might have a significant influence on Wallaroo’s capacity to innovate in the rapidly growing digital video streaming market. It will be exciting to see Wallaroo flourish and grow thanks to this fresh funding.

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