Mercadona near my location: find the one closest to you

Mercadona has been offering services in various parts of Spain since 1977, and it is now available in Portugal as well. With 1,632 Mercadona locations overall, there are plenty of places you may go and get what you need.

Even so, you could not be certain of Mercadona’s close-by actual address. Because of this, we’ll explain how to locate the person nearest to you in the lines that follow.

2 methods for locating the closest Mercadona

Using the official website or the Google Maps app are the two main methods to discover a Mercadona near you. There are a few other techniques that you should be aware of, which we shall cover a bit later.

On the webpage for Mercadona

Searching for a Mercadona near you on the corporate website is the primary method. You should do the following actions:

  • Go to to access the Mercadona website.
  • Choose “Supermarkets” from the drop-down menu that displays at the top of the home page.
  • Instead, you may go to the bottom of the page and choose the “Locate Supermarkets” option.
  • Any of the aforementioned choices will bring you to a browser page where you must input your city of residence, zip code, or street address.
  • Clicking the “Use my current location” option that displays below the browser offers an additional option. You must consent before the results may be provided using your location.
  • You will, in any case, have a box with the addresses of the Mercadona outlets nearest to you.

To see a file with the store’s details, including if it offers parking, the precise location, the contact information, and the operating hours, click on the one that most interests you.

Also, the algorithm will propose the closest branch, which you may utilize or manually choose.

Using Google Maps

  • Without a doubt, Google Maps is a tool that makes travel easier, but it can also be used to locate Mercadonas in your area. To do it, do these actions:
  • Get Google Maps open (make sure you have internet access).
  • Press the search icon after typing “Mercadona” into the browser.

The app will provide a list of the various businesses nearest to your area. The nearest ones are those that appear first.

Choose the one that works for you. Look at the little legend in each result to see if it was open or closed at the time of your search, for example, to do this.

To see the alternatives for how to get there on foot or by automobile in the same application, choose the “How to get there” item in the “Summary” section.

Extra advice: Look at the “Reviews” area to see how customers have rated and discussed the shop.

Some more options

To locate a Mercadona nearby, at least another two options are worthwhile.

Retain the store’s printed catalogs. A list of the shops that are nearest to the one you just visited may be found in the advertising catalog you can obtain after you make a purchase. The catalogue’s online edition has the whole list accessible.

Do a straight Google search. You need to have your smartphone’s location feature turned on in order to perform this. If you type “Mercadona” or “Mercadona shop nearby,” several data sheets with the closest branches will show. Remember that to see the remaining store data, you will still need to visit Google Maps.

Regular inquiries

How can I identify the branches that have a “Ready to Eat” area?

There are two ways to see the branches that already feature the “Ready to Eat” section:

Choice 1:

  • Go to the very last page of the Mercadona website.
  • Choose the “Ready to Eat” option. You can view what this area is about as well as the shops where it has already been enabled there.

Choice 2:

  • Navigate to the “Supermarkets” area of the Mercadona website.
  • Click glance at the label that shows on your screen’s right side when you access the website in your browser. The link that appears there should be clicked.
  • Download the.pdf file that contains a list of every restaurant having a “Ready to Eat” area.

How can I ask Mercadona for further details?

Go to the “Customer Service” section of the Mercadona home page to speak with the business directly. You may also send an email to one of the company’s social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

By clicking here, you can also submit a form with your specific inquiry. Instead, go through the “Frequently Asked Questions” section at the bottom of the page. You may also ask your inquiry over the phone by dialing 800 500 220 if you prefer a more traditional method.

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