Alternatives to DailySport. Has it closed or no longer works? Free soccer!

The well-known website Dailysport or Dailysports has now been added to the lengthy list of websites blacklisted by Spanish operators, leaving viewers with less and fewer choices for watching free material online and forcing them to hunt for alternatives. As a result, below we provide several alternatives to Dailysports so you may continue to watch all the content for your preferred sport while also watching soccer online for free. We’ve included fantastic sites like Live TV, Roja Directa, BuffStreams, and BatmanStream on the list. Rejoin us!

How did Dailysport fare? Was it shut down temporarily or permanently?

We all know that it’s against the law in many nations to broadcast premium material, like sports or movies, for free. As a result, websites like Dailysports are always prohibited. While there is a lot of free material available to download on the internet, this does not apply to the illegal release of private information.

What really occurred was that Daily Sports’ domains were targeted, resulting in its blocking in Spain. While it was still functional in a number of Latin American nations, this platform received the majority of its funding from the Spanish-speaking population. Up until recently, using a VPN to change our IP allowed us to access the internet, which was a workaround for the issue. The public intake was significantly decreased, nonetheless, and legal issues multiplied. The project’s creators were forced to totally halt work as a result of negative publicity and persecution. As a result, Dailysports is no longer functional.

This is not a novel circumstance; Intergoles, Arenavision, and Latelete TV are just a few examples. Some services, like the ones we provide below, nonetheless make it possible to watch free online soccer broadcasts. Please bear in mind that, in order to avoid legal concerns, these Dailysports substitutes often change their URLs. The good news about our list is that all of these websites are absolutely free in addition to being excellent alternatives to Dailysports.

Alternatives and Substitutes for Free Online Soccer Streaming

You may watch soccer online for free on a variety of platforms, but it’s crucial to know how to choose the best ones. As a result, we have investigated, screened, and chosen seven trustworthy Dailysports alternatives, which we are sharing with you today (February 2023) in an updated list.

Live TV

Live TV

Soccer fans often view the game for free on Live TV. We say this because it reacts to a variety of factors; for instance, it enables live commentary and match replays, unlike its rivals.

This website, which is free, broadcasts football games live (thus the name), as well as replays of certain games! To truly appreciate the highlights of a game, share video clips as well as the live score. Also, it provides the opportunity to watch a variety of tournaments, including the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, Bundesliga, our former Ligue 1, La Liga, and Serie A games.



An American website called ATDHE transmits a lot of athletic events, including soccer. Its simple flow website design defines it. This indicates that you may access the flash broadcast with only one click from the main page. This website has been blocked in the US and the UK due to its open access and disputes over broadcast rights. It is still available in many EU nations, however, and a fantastic substitute for Dailysports.


Sportlemon is a 21st-century technology that makes it easy to distribute links to athletic activities. In fact, you may search for additional connections and submit your own for free. Even the wording of the remarks is up to you.

Sportlemon is a Dailysports replacement that you shouldn’t disregard for these basic reasons.


ESPN is regarded as the biggest sports network in the world and has a huge global following. ESPN now broadcasts in five different languages and has a network that spans 200 nations.

Their sports page, where all those footage and stats are effectively supplied, has a comparable impact. The website also has a broad focus on rugby and soccer series in the US and other nations. Other complex sports are given top emphasis with various news rumors or other analyses. It’s unquestionably a great alternative to Dailysports.

We can state that is one of the top replacements for Dailysports available right now. This amazing website links you with ESPN and other TV networks, allowing you to watch football online for free in HD. In addition, it has access to a variety of other sports, including the NFL, WWE, AFL, UFC, and MMA.

It includes an easy-to-use interface that is well-organized and provides quick access to the programming you choose. It is implied that this is a new edition of this well-known platform since it is shown in it as BuffStreams. While the platform is in English, it is relatively simple to comprehend, so use caution. The cherry on top is that there are no membership or subscription fees; it is totally free.


This website’s odd name shouldn’t mislead you since it is one of the most significant portals when it comes to Dailysports alternatives. It transmits sports including American football, basketball, hockey, and soccer in addition to having high-quality replay. Each broadcast is free; all you need to do to access the full menu is register.

The BatmanStream collection is updated everyday, so there is always a fresh event to display on the billboard. The user-friendly UI loads quickly and is simple to use.

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the top free streaming platform in Europe for live football. One of the most popular sports indexing websites in the world, Rojadirecta, offers a wealth of information in addition to sporting events and can automatically modify its time zone.

Visit RojaDirecta to watch the live broadcast of your favorite soccer matches. We advise using the URL that we have provided since you need to be aware that the page’s administrators have set up several domains to handle closures.

Regular inquiries

How is Dailysports organized?

A website called Dailysports is dedicated to providing free internet access to football. The method worked by making it easier for people to get the links for the athletic events they want to watch live and for free. They chose to protest repeatedly to the web and its founders and/or administrators since this did not follow the rules of the broadcast rights paid for by television stations and approved channels.

Why did Dailysports become so popular?

Since its launch in the middle of 2020, Dailysports has carved itself a special spot in the preferences of customers looking for the greatest free alternative to premium channels on online football streaming services. Despite the fact that Rojadirecta and Arenavision’s closures contributed to a portion of its success by keeping some viewers tuned in, the simplicity of searching and the variety of athletic events gave it a distinctive brand.

How did Dailysports fare?

Dailysports had to switch domains many times as a result of violating broadcast rights in order to stay open and escape shutdown and legal issues. The administrators of the page were forced to declare its termination as of the end of February 2021 due to the volume of complaints and claims. As a result, the platform is still inoperable in all domains, and the closure is therefore still final.

Are the free online soccer streaming sites secure?

If you’re concerned that a virus, malware, or other danger will get onto your laptop and jeopardize your data and personal information, you should know that this won’t happen when you use the websites to watch football online for free. Keep in mind that nothing has to be downloaded; all you have to do is follow the links the platform provides. As a result, your computer remains secure.

The only potential negative is the quantity of advertising, but it’s often not that bothersome and you simply need to wait until you reach the stream. If this is not the case for you, there are presently a number of ways to prevent adverts, including the AdBlock plugin.

How can I choose the top website to watch soccer for free online?

To enjoy watching football online for free without any issues, we must choose a website that allows uninterrupted transmission, has acceptable picture quality, and has a big enough viewing area to accommodate as many games as feasible.

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